2018 Cederis Network Deploy

This is the first phase of the deployment of the network for 2018. (Cederis Nodes)
All nodes in green are active and ready to serve.
The nodes in orange are the ones planned for immediate installation.
The nodes in blue are nodes of users who have already reserved them.
We serve nodes for sale and user nodes around Spain from Q2 2018
By the end of 2018 we will have an area of more than 650km2 and and coverage for more than 60.000 population

Click on each area, icon or line to see details

Towers in Coruña Province

This is the towers map on Coruña province. That we focus our own deployment, and where Cederis Nodes where it will be (Nodes manage and install by Cederis).
From now we focus on all our Galician Region ( A Coruña, Lugo, Pontevedra and Ourense) Focus on A Coruña from 2018, we will install at least 5 to 10 nodes on our region every year, to become the largest WISP company in our region and invest in international deployment.
During 2018 we will begin to serve to users the reservation of nodes through the national territory (Spain).
Once the platform is launched for Q3-Q4 2018, there will already be nodes installed
On 2019 we will start to acquire the first licenses from other countries where any user can install their own ISP - WISP.
We will put to disposal of every users every country maps with all towers that we can serve to them

Click on each icon, to see tower details (blue icon = Cellnex towers / blue square = Telxius towers)