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Decentralized, Collaborative & Disruptive WISP

Sold Tokens ICO : 494253,46944444 = 30561,51 $
Sold Nodes during ICO : 2 Nodes = 24823 $

Total reached during ICO : 55384,51 $

Congratulations and thanks to all the investors


A platform to create your own ISP - WISP and deploy your own network anywhere in the world. Breaking with intermediaries, and abusive costs like franchises. No need to waste time in bureaucracy. We put at your disposal the use of our licenses so that you can act as your own ISP.


You will be able to act as a node in the network totally decentralized and managed 100% by you. With our Api you will have a control panel easy to use which you can control your entire network and clients. Using the most professional brands in the market in wireless technology. Using our tools, creating your ISP was never so easy.


The Cederis ecosystem is based on our ERC20 token called Ceder (ISP), with which it can be used among other functions within the community, for the payments of all the transactions generated between the services, nodes and their clients, ensuring security, quality and the continuity of the project and its services


Investors and owners of central nodes (WISP) will have the right to vote, a secure voting system based on blockchain, authenticating each voter, the processing of votes and a smart  contract which will detail the actions, thus ensuring the proper functioning of the project in common .


What is Cederis?

The high cost of fiber for the home and the decline in Internet traffic over mobile networks have revitalized the demand for a disruptive alternative in broadband.Almost 60% of the world's population does not have Internet access, and of the remaining 40%, only half have connections of more than 20 Mbps. If we speak of rural environments, those who have internet, do so at no more speeds of 4Mbps, with our platform we want to break that barrier.

Through the Cederis platform, any person, entrepreneur or company can create their own ISP (Internet Service Provider) through wireless (WISP), using the most competitive standards such as LTE or Wireles 5G Fixed.

We put at your disposal all the necessary tools to do it without having to waste time in bureaucratic procedures, such as the creation of a company, or the management of licenses, or the search for contacts, and contracts with third parties, without the need to pay abusive royalties to franchised companies that only think about their own benefit and not about the entrepreneur.

By using the Cederis platform, you will use our ISP licenses, and all the tools to set up your main node and its deployment, among which, access to thousands of telecommunication towers around the world and Fiber Optic T1 dedicated for operators in your central.

Thanks to the union and collaboration between all and the incentive of our token, we will ensure the quality and continuity of the project and all the services.

Be Cederis!

“Demand + Scalability = Opportunity”

Carrier Classs Wireless Solutions recreates the perfect conditions to stimulate broad growth.
The opportunity is huge-high-density cities, poorly connected suburbs, and streaming video are driving incredible demand.Plus, rural communities are ripe for fiber-fast internet after struggling with intermittent, low-speed access for years.With the introduction of the professional wireless technologies such 5G Fixed wireless solution, ROI can be delivered in 6-12 months in most global markets.

R.O.I. 1 Fiber + 1 Node ( up to 300 Customers) = 175% ROI
R.O.I. 1 Fiber + 3 Node ( up to 900 Customers) = 400% ROI
R.O.I. 1 Fiber + 5 Node ( up to 1500 Customers) = 600% ROI

HIGH Return On Investment

How it Works?

Cederis Ecosystem

Types of Nodes

Nodes on the platform

Cederis ISP - WISP Nodes

Installed and managed by Cederis: 
100% of the benefits of these nodes will be accounted for the platform

User ISP - WISP Nodes

Installed and managed by users: 
15% of the benefits will be accounted for the platform, 85% it is the benefits for the owner of the node

Nodes for Sale

Installed and managed by Cederis: 
Premium nodes (Great situation & ROI). One or more users can invest in each node, wherever they live. Variable %

40% of the global benefits of the platform will be distributed each year to investors participating in the ICO

1 Node Evolution

  • This is a downward forecast of 1 Node once the first 5 nodes are installed in 2018.
  • The nodes are owned by the Cederis platform, the nodes installed by the users are not counted in this forecast, of which the platform collects 15% of the benefits.
  • At least every year we will install a minimum of 5 nodes.
  • By 2021, the Cederis platform will have at least 20 owned nodes, without counting the nodes of the users.
  • 40% of the profits from the sum between all types of nodes will be distributed among the investors each year.
  • Forecast calculated downwards, counting that all customers contract the basic service. (Only internet, not mobile, not iptv )

We are beginning to accept requests from users nodes & nodes for sale.
Know our deployment for 2018 https://cederis.io/deploy2018


Cederis short-term goals


Details of the ICO

Token Name
Token Symbol
What does cederisToken represent?
All holders of Cederis tokens have the right to obtain dividends according to their participations
Total Supply
The same that collect on ICO. Max 100.000.000
ERC20 / Ethereum
Listed before Q3 2018 in diferents exchanges
1 Participation for each 1000 Tokens
Voting System
1 Vote per each investor.
Accepted Coins

Cederis token Crowdsale

Token sale information

Token distribution information

Token Name: Ceder
Accepted currencies: BTC - ETH
Minimum Contribution: 0,005 BTC / 0,05 ETH

(Please consider that the Bitcoin transaction fee is nowadays insanely high. We saw transactions that had to pay $40 just to get confirmed. At the moment around $20 is needed for a transaction if you need to forward it in a single transaction and want a confirmation in the first block. Not risking that the transaction hangs without getting confirme. We recommend 0,01 BTC)

Token Price: 0,10 $
Bonus : 40% January 16th to January 28th
                20% January 29th to Febrery 04th
                10% Febrery 05th to Febrery 11th
                 0% del Febrary 12th to Febrary 18th
Annual benefits: 40% of annual benefits for all investors


Once you have invested, you must  send an email to tokens@cederis.io with the following information:
Name, invested amount, wallet from where you made the payment, Transaction ID and erc20 wallet address to receive your tokens.

Cederis Escrow address to invest:

For BTC : 
For ETH : 

ESCROW: SebastianJu Bitcointalk 

ONLY invest after reading the escrow terms regarding how to invest so that in case of refund a refund can happen for you because you sent your investment provable. Check the safety I can provide, the refund terms and the refund fees, including the minimum refund fee: ##### Link to escrow terms #####" 

Token Bonus System

Up to 40% for early investors & annual benefits

16 January - 28 January

0,06$ per Token + annual benefits

29 January - 04 Febrary

0,08$ per Token + annual benefits

05 Febrary -11 Febrary

0,09$ per Token + annual benefits

12 Febrary - 18 Febrary

0,10$ per Token + annual benefits

ICO Distribution

Distribution Token sale and How to use


Cederis Team Group

Jorge J. Farrés

Wireless networks security expert. Projects and network deployment manager. blockchain enthusiast

Hipolito A. González

Open source software, web applications & RouterOS API developer. Web server administrator

Miguel Cividanes

Master nodes and Fiber deployment manager. System administrator & VoIp expert. IBM & Avaya

Andrés G. Piñon

Technicians manager. Occupational risks manager in height. Electromechanical. MVO manager.


Blockchain Writer and Speaker

Francesc Roca

He studied at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers in Barcelona.
Works as Cisco CCNP for Tsystems in LAN / WAN / WLAN deployments development.
As an engaging public meetup speaker and blockchain writer, frances makes complex subjects accessible and easy to understand. As an advisor, he helps startups recognize, evaluate and navigate security and business risk in blockchain ecosystem.


Cederis on Media


Know our principal agreements 


frequently asked questions

Information about the ico and the tokens

What is the token limit for the sale? What is the total supply?

A maximum of 100 million tokens will be released, representing 100% of the tokens created. That is, the only ico that all tokens are for investors. Once the ico is finished all unsold tokens  will be burned and no more units will be re-issued.

Sale Conditions

1 token = 0,10$. At this price you have to apply the programmed bonuses Minimum Contribution: 0,01 BTC / 0,2 ETH

Accepted coins

Accepted coins: BTC - ETH 

IMPORTANT! No use an exchange. This is because when you send ETH or BTC  from an exchange, the exchange sends the transaction from their pool, not an address specifically linked to you

When will I receive my tokens?

The tokens will be distributed once the ico is finished, start on February 5th to 15th Febrary.

Will it be listed in exchanges?

Yes, Once the ICO ends, we will send the purchased tokens to all investors and burn the unsold tokens. Once these two processes are done, the token will have its base value so you can trade it.

We are currently talking with  exchanges to list the currency once the ICO is finished

What are the benefits of the owners of Cederis tokens?

All  investors will obtain 40% of the company's annual profits, regardless if they sell their tokens in exchanges. Each year, the tokens will be sent to your wallet where you can exchange them for Euros, Dollars, Bitcoins, etc.


The funds raised will be in escrow deposit (described in the white paper) SebastianJU. The funds will be distributed as the Roadmap is complete, thus guaranteeing our commitment. The funds will remain in custody for at least 6 to 12 months.

The Project
Information about cederis project

What is Cederis?

Cederis helps users and companies to create their own ISPs without the need for advanced knowledge. We make it easier for you. Using our platform, you can manage your entire network and deployments

While we focus on wireless technologies due to the reduced cost compared to fiber optics, it's up to each user or company to choose which technology to deploy. We do feel that wireless is the future, due to how the technology is progressing and it's ROI, compared to other alternatives. In any case, we will be there with you every step of the way

How did you come up with the idea?

After years in the telecommunications sector, we received many requests from companies and entrepreneurs who wanted to set up their own ISP - WISP due to increasing demand of broadband in areas where larger companies were not deploying new networking technologies.

These entrepreneurs and users were either forced to sign abusive franchising deals in order to acquire licences and the technical know-how, or had to deal with the endless red tape and severely confusing technical aspects of the market by themselves.

So we decided to create a platform to make it possible for anyone to deploy their own network and provide internet access.

What is 5G Fixed?

It's a hybrid model between fiber speeds and wireless infrastructure. In Cederis, we use the latest technologies to provide the best solutions to our customers.

We are currently deploying our Fixed 5G, WiMax, and LTE networks, although we are planning on adding 5G via mobile networks as well, during 2018

What other services does the platform offer?

Cederis currently has licenses to offer Internet access, VoIP, MVO  2 level Mobile Licence and IPTV. On our platform, you will also be able to offer rural IoT for rural development.

Starting on March, 2018, we will be able to offer FTTH (Fiber to the House) connections on the entire country, with speeds of up to 300Mb, symmetric, and starting on May, we plan on obtaining Level 1 MVNO licenses,

And starting in 2019, we will begin full deployment in the EU, EEUU, Central America and South America. We already have the blueprints on the licensing agreements for UK, Italy and France, but we will be adapting to the demand

What makes Cederis unique?

Cederis is the only platform based on the blockchain, with which anyone can become an ISP with no abusive commissions or royalties imposed. The only cost is 15% of the billing for the use of the platform, licensing and support.

We make available to the user all the necessary applications to carry out the complete management of the network, technical support, billing and configuration of all the devices of the network, without the need of advanced knowledge. Also through our platform you will have access to tutorials for basic, advanced and expert level.

Is it necessary to invest on ico or to have tokens to deploy my own ISP?

No. Any user, or company, can be part of Cederis and set up their own ISP.

Can I offer the services in another country?

You will be able to offer WISP services in any country where Cederis is licensed. Initially, Spain, then expanding towards other EU countries (ETA 2018) and the rest of the world